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Development of informational and advertising websites

One of the competencies of our team is the development of static-dynamic websites. Their category includes landing pages, multi-page sites, blogs, news sites. These are the simplest sites in terms of development and require minimal knowledge in the field of IT technologies.

The tasks of such sites are different, if, for example, we do a landing page, then this is an advertising site for the sale of a certain product or service. The key point here is the development of a selling design that should most effectively guide a potential client according to his scenario at the end so that he makes a purchase or leaves a request.

If we are talking about multi-page websites, most companies need it as a business card and information provision about themselves. Unlike landing pages, this option will most likely require integration with popular content management systems, such as WordPress, ModX, etc., and there is no such urgent need for this in landing pages if the content always remains the same.

If we are making a blog or a news site, then here, as with multi-page sites, minimal dynamics in the form of a CMS is necessary for regular and even hourly updates of information.

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