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Website development

We will help with the implementation of single-page landing pages and multi-page business card sites. We will tell you in which case which technologies are better to use for these tasks.

Development of information and advertising websites

Landing page

This is an advertising site for the sale of a certain product or service. The key point here is the development of a selling design that should most effectively guide a potential client according to his scenario in the end so that he makes a purchase or leaves a request.

Multi-page website

It is necessary for companies as a business card and providing information about themselves. Unlike landing pages, this option will most likely require integration with popular site administration systems, such as WordPress, ModX, etc., and there is no such urgent need for this in landing pages if the content always remains the same.

News website or blog

If we are making a blog or a news site, then here, as with multi-page sites, minimal dynamics in the form of a CMS is necessary for regular and even hourly updates of information.

Terms and cost

The cost of the project and the time for its creation are calculated individually depending on the complexity.

Project type



Website development

from 1 week

from 2 500$

Formats of interaction

There is no need to invest the entire budget at once. Think about the order in which the necessary functions appear in the application - 20% of the intended functionality should result in 80% of the benefits for users.

Time & Material

Fix Price

Cost of work

Managed budget, pay for actual work time

The budget is fixed, but there is a possibility that the amount of work will decrease

Cost Forecast

Approximate Budget Forecast

Fixed budget for a specific scope of work

Requirements Adjustment

Ability to refine and change requirements and scope of work

The requirements are fixed at the initial stage of work, for new requirements an additional agreement is required

Transaction costs

Constant synchronization of priorities

Any new requirements require an additional agreement

The speed of getting results

MVP will be launched in 1-2 months of development

The product will enter the market only after the final stage

Ability to stop the project

At any time, you can pick up a documented transferable product

The product is handed over with acceptance tests only at the end of the work phase

Time to make edits

In each sprint, we allocate time to work with technical debt to support new functionality.

To make changes, it is necessary to conclude additional agreements

Development technologies













Our approach to work

Focus on results

We want you to become our regular customer, so the success of your business is our ultimate goal!

Risk assessment

We will not waste your time and money. If we recognize a deliberately failed project before the start, then we will convince you not to take it on.

Down with gray projects

We do not work for any money with dubious and gray projects. In the modern world of IT, there are thousands of opportunities to be honest!

Individual approach

We deeply delve into the details of your project, analyze the niche, product concept and target audience, choose the optimal development and promotion strategy.

Pursuing a mission

We are striving for an important mission. Namely, to make the life of many people easier thanks to modern WEB technologies.

Honest and transparent conditions

We conclude a contract with clear obligations and guarantees. No empty promises and dubious decisions.

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