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IT startups

The Andromeda team was formed precisely due to the development of product startups. Therefore, we can apply the experience and competencies we have gained in this area.

For those who have never participated in the development of startups and believe that it is very fun, cool, beautiful looking and ends up with the success – you are terribly wrong. A startup is a bloody mess for the market, titanic work, lack of sleep, constant unpleasant limbo and in 99% of cases failure, after which you stand with your head down in front of the investor. To avoid this, let’s share our experience with you and give recommendations.

The most important thing is to determine the feasibility of product development at the stage of the startup’s inception. It is necessary to conduct a basic analysis of the market yourself, without spending a lot of money on it. Remember, every cent saved is important at the start, since the resources for the investment round are limited, and in order to raise the next round, it is necessary to use the resources of round 1 as efficiently as possible. If we recognize the startup hypothesis as a lost cause, then we convince the founder not to take it up, if the client still insists, we simply refuse to develop it, because this approach from our service business is short-sighted, we want long-term and most importantly trusting relationships with our customers.

We are determined – RAT or MVP. Riskiest Assumption Test, literally translated – testing of risky hypotheses. MVP is a minimal viable product, a minimum working product. RAT is a kind of advanced approach to MVP, it allows you to test a hypothesis without developing a product, conducting in-depth research and analytics, after checking which you can already decide whether it is worth developing an MVP at all, because developing an MVP is also an expensive toy, in addition to money, you need titanic work and the involvement of the whole team and if it is not justified, then everyone can face an emotional burnout, which is negatively affects on the next stages . In each individual case, you need to look at the approaches to implementation in different ways, for example, without an MVP, it is impossible to determine demand and behavioral factors. Therefore, we consider each individual idea for consultation, after which we give analytics with recommendations.

At Andromeda Web, we have already launched 12 MVPs and conducted more than 30 RAT’s, through which we have reduced risks for our clients and can continue to work confidently with startups and consult.

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