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Testing systems

We have extensive experience in creating testing systems thanks to three implemented and launched projects:,, We also provide integration via the API of these systems and write the appropriate custom modules based on business tasks.

Working on these projects for more than 4 years, we have acquired knowledge in processing and implementing data output, using mathematical algorithms sewn into the system and visual graphs based on test results.

There was an important feature in the implementation of the projects that were entrusted to us, namely: testing is carried out not using the classical question-answer approach or the choice of something, but using reflexes and measuring the response time of the test subject, therefore this approach was non-trivial and interesting to implement. It was necessary to solve the issue of the speed of responses and their processing without wasting time, it was important to take into account every millisecond. On the basis of the pulses, the prescribed algorithm should give an assessment in the graph-numerical form about the subject, and what is important is to be intuitive for all users, and not only for specialists in the field of neurophysiology.

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