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We have experience in developing multifunctional, scalable and secure online stores. In the field of e-commerce, it is necessary to define business procedures and the consumer sector in order to make the right decisions for trading online.

In the development, different approaches can be used, both for testing sales hypotheses (e-commerce startup) and for proven demand from a ready-made offline business to expand sales areas using e-commerce.

In the first case, the hypothesis can be tested quickly and inexpensively, using ready-made solutions in the form of popular CMS (WordPress, ModX, etc.) on which you can integrate a custom client part with your unique design. Next, the test takes place with the help of feedback from the traffic that we integrate to the trading platform. According to the results of remote testing and receiving sufficient feedback from product consumers, the next following decision is taken: close the project – the demand hypothesis is not confirmed, leave it as it is – the hypothesis is confirmed, but demand does not allow to move to the second approach, the transition to the second approach – the hypothesis has fully justified and requires expansion of development.

In the second approach to the development of E-commerce, when the demand is determined, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive business analytics for the implementation of the digital trading solutions. After a clear definition and preparation of documentation, prototypes require a full-fledged custom development to implement the trading tasks of your business. Custom e-commerce includes the development of the server part, admin panels for each business role, integration with inventory accounting systems, integration with logistics branches, development of the client part, testing, security, connection of payment systems.

You may notice that this approach is radically different from the first one, and we have shown only the most necessary solutions for creating a successful e-commerce. I would like to note that it is important to implement each stage flawlessly, since serious consequences may arise if one of them fails. Everything is important: the speed of servers, convenience for customers, accounting, security, payments, uninterrupted logistics.

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