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We have developed competencies in the development of booking systems, where both sides play the main role: client and administrative. We offer our skills in creating Booking services, from consulting and analysis to the full implementation of a scalable product. Thanks to the experience of creating custom online booking services, we can offer a development tailored to your specific business model.

Key indicators in the creation of booking systems require smooth and fast server development, as well as strict checks within booking schedules and checks for payments. In addition to the server part, a convenient and intuitive client interface and user interaction scenarios are needed.

To create the client part, we use the development in the form of a SPA for ease of use by end-users of the product. This approach allows users not to refresh the page inside the browser with any actions and transitions between pages. This approach is applied with the help of modern technologies in the IT market, in particular, it is front-end development on the React.js library , Vue frameworks.js and Angular.js . Our specialization is React.js, it is used by most technology companies in their development cycle, among them: Meta, Instagram, Discord, Walmart and many others.

We develop the administrative part of the booking service based on the business needs and output analytical data on the necessary criteria in the form of tables and graphs, as well as design a role-based security policy. In each individual case, different booking systems require different conclusions of analytical information and system management functions, it is necessary to delve into individual business processes of the rental business to implement the most optimal solutions.

As a successful case in the field of booking systems, we can offer you the service PSYARENDA.RU . Unlike daily bookings, PsyArenda is an hourly service, with the possibility of cancellations, postponements, refunds, subject to certain conditions encoded in the system, for example, a full refund is made no earlier than 24 hours, half of the refund no earlier than 12 hours.

And the trick of the service is a combination lock, it makes it possible to open the door to your office using the last 4 digits of your phone number, the period of time that the tenant paid in the service, your code will be valid. These are some examples of the terms of service, you can read more about this case at the link

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