Astana, Kabanbay batyr 42a

Riga, Audēju iela 15

Minimal level of engagement

One day we were approached for the development of a fintech startup. They asked us to implement a copy of one product, which frankly wasn’t built using the best technologies. At that time, we did not have any competencies in the field of fintech, but we understood how to technically implement a startup much better than a sample. The conducted Discovery scared us a little, due to the fact that the customer immediately approved it and did not make changes.

The client’s involvement was at a minimum, which led to sad consequences. After we developed the service based on the approved Discovery, the client asked to redo everything, we naturally refused him, since we worked on the Fix Price model. As a result, the project ended in nothing. They didn’t pay us off. We concluded that we will not work with customers who are not involved in our project. It was a good lesson.