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Riga, Audēju iela 15

Technical Fail (Hunter)

We launched our startup and at that time there were more than 300 regular users in it, a sufficient number of funds were spent to attract them.

Our server was running on Linux OS with a Mongo database. One day the site stops working, and it turned out that the database is empty. We tracked by logs that the database was hacked by a bot from a Chinese IP address, deleting the entire database completely.

Then we moved to Windows OS and closed all remote access.

A few years later, we realized why we were hacked. The problem was that the old version of MONGO, when you open external access, you had to specify additionally that you cannot connect to the database without a login password. And so our base was open to everyone.

Of course, it was a very strange decision on the part of Mongo, but our inattention also played a role. Now Mongo has corrected this default nonsense and you don’t have to worry about hacking.