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Pavel S.
Back-End Developer
Stack experience 8+ years

During my long-term career, I have come across various kinds of projects, both in complexity and in scale. From the very beginning of my career in programming, I have always been an adherent of the C family of languages and the entire Microsoft ecosystem. To this day, my choice has not changed.

Key skills
  • MS SQL
  • C#
  • .NET
I study
  • C++
  • Russian
  • English - B1
About me

Hey there! My name is Pavel, I am a backend developer with more than 8 years of experience working with backend and C# in particular. I have extensive experience working with the Microsoft ecosystem. I like to write clean code, participate in the business logic of the project and offer the most effective, in my opinion, solutions for optimizing the client side. I can take part in the project as a mentor, tech lead and lead developer.

Stack experience
Andromeda Web
Senior Back-End Dev | Sep 2021 - Present
  • PsyArenda

Participated in the development of the PsyArenda office rental project.

He was mostly a mentor in working with the databases, API integration.

Stack: React.js, MongoDB, Node.js

Kvant, Research Institute, FSUE , Information Technology Center
Lead Developer | Jul 2012 - Sep 2021

Development and maintenance of microservices, database development and implementation, mentoring.

• Government organizations
Educational institutions
• Research, scientific, academic activities
Information technology, system integration, Internet
• Software development

Stack: C#, .NET, ASP.NET , MS SQL

Lead Developer | Apr 2018 — Oct 2018

Worked on a part-time basis


Project work. Development of a universal mobile platform for the sales of additional services to a car dealership customers (IonicFramework+FireBase)

Technologies Stack: C#, .NET, ASP.NET , Ionic Framework, Firebase, Microsoft Azure

Olimp, LLC
Senior Developer | Feb 2016 — Jul 2017

Project work. Automation of business processes of a law firm
(Auto insurance).CRM system development: database development (SQL server in Azure); ARM development (in WPF, pure core web API +SPA); management of mobile application development for iOS, for Android (outsource,
Ionic structure); development of a reporting system and customer notification.

Stack: C#, .NET, ASP.NET , SQL Server Azure, WPF