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Healthcare online-consultation platform

  • Strapi
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Mongo DB
  • Figma
The task

Uhealy has reached us to design and develop a health and wellness platform for online-consultations with an integrated booking system. The client required to develop a website with a user-friendly interface andconvenient content editing and “adding new specialists” functions. For proper website functioning, we had to integrate a video call and a messaging API.


Development technologies
  • React.js


The result

In summary, the website development process involved thorough analysis of international competitors, detailed project discussions with the client resulting in a comprehensive technical specification, and the creation of website layouts tailored for optimal user experience. The design was customized to meet the client’s requirements, with the client-side developed using the React.js library and the server-side on Node.js with integration with Strapi CMS for flexibility.

A custom booking calendar was developed with an intuitive interface, real-time updates on available slots, and automatic adaptation to specialists’ time zones worldwide. The integration of the calendar with the doctor’s personal cabinet ensured seamless functionality, allowing for timely display of available slots and editing of work schedules.

Additionally, personal cabinets for users and specialists were developed, featuring convenient authentication via Google and Facebook, along with a messenger and video-conferencing page using the Twilio API. Functionality for editing personal information, quick session booking, writing reviews for doctors, and viewing consultation history was added, along with a doctor’s wallet function for monitoring earnings from consultations.

As a result, the client received a website that met their needs, with all necessary functionalities and smart navigation to required specialists. Users can register for online sessions 24/7 with convenient access to viewing their consultation history, while doctors are equipped to conduct video meetings and exchange necessary health advice with patients via the messenger. The entire system continues to be refined and maintained for uninterrupted operation due to a constant influx of new users.

We were really satisfied with the work of the web designer because the website looks really pretty.

I’m trully happy with the website’s functionality, and Andromeda Web is diligent in bug-fixing.


Maria S.

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