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We develop web & mobile apps
We help IT startups with implementation

We will take over the full development cycle and implement competencies from more than 15 launched IT startups and web services.


Our services

Thanks to 10 years of experience (120,000 hours of development) we can offer any solution for our new customers!


We specialize in the development of innovative IT startups and services, as well as creating websites, online stores and mobile applications!

Our team of specialists

Each of us has not only theoretical knowledge, but also has significant experience in developing Internet resources!


CTO & Co-owner


CEO & Co-owner


React developer


UX/UI designer


PHP Symfony developer


Product manager

Il'ya Jr
Il'ya Jr

React Native developer


Project manager


Node.js developer

We introduce the most modern
and effective technologies


We use all modern features of browsers in our work with the help of JavaScript frameworks and libraries

  • React.js
  • React Native
  • Next.js
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SCSS
  • LESS

We write server code in the most advanced, secure and fast programming languages

  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Symphony
  • Python
  • NumPy
Базы данных

We pay great attention to database design for maximum efficiency

  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • PostrgeSQL
CMS Integrations

We integrate your software products into administration systems for convenient content management

  • WordPress
  • OpenCart
  • ModxRevo
  • Shopify
UI/UX design

We design interfaces and create attractive graphics focused on the target niche using modern tools

  • Figma
  • Adobe
  • Usability
  • Guidelines
  • Prototyping
  • Adaptives

We conduct deep testing for the security and performance of web applications

  • Cucumber
  • Selenium
  • Unit


We will be able to implement various software systems in a very short time to solve the most complex tasks!

Our approach to work

Our approach to work is to ensure that you get a really good product!

Focus on results

We want you to become our regular customer, so the success of your business is our ultimate goal!

Risk assessment

We will not waste your time and money. If we recognize a deliberately failed project before the start, then we will convince you not to take it on.

Down with gray projects

We do not work for any money with dubious and gray projects. In today's IT world, there are thousands of opportunities to be honest!

Individual approach

We deeply delve into the details of your project, analyze the niche, product concept and target audience, choose the optimal development and promotion strategy

Pursuing a mission

We are on an important mission. Namely, to make the life of many people easier thanks to modern WEB-technologies.

Fair and transparent conditions

We conclude a contract with clear obligations and guarantees. No empty promises or questionable decisions.

What our clients say

Customers are satisfied with the service

From the very beginning, the guys showed their competence and willingness to take on our difficult project. During development, there were always solutions that met our needs. Clients of “Oil Expert” are satisfied with the service, we often get positive feedback. In cases of emergency situations, the response to them was timely and everything was resolved as soon as possible. In my more than 25 years of experience in the IT field, I have not yet come across such competent teams. Satisfied with the work, we continue to cooperate!

Нефть Эксперт

Ivan Balabayev

I want to express my gratitude

As the director of Neuronet System LLC, I would like to express my gratitude to the Andromeda team. The guys were very attentive to all the tasks and did all the work on time. I would also like to mention the mobility of the staff. They quickly responded if something needed to be changed. We hope to continue our productive cooperation!



We were really satisfied with the work of the web designer because the website looks really pretty.

I’m trully happy with the website’s functionality, and Andromeda Web is diligent in bug-fixing.


Maria S.

I express my gratitude!

It’s hard to list all the advantages of working with Danil’s team in one review, but the most important and important thing I will try to convey.

Working with this team, you will get customer focus, efficiency, professionalism, fast turnaround time, 100% involvement in the project, important recommendations and ideas for the implementation and promotion of your project. And the most important criterion that was key in concluding an agreement with Danil is his stunning motivation and sincere interest in creating a complex, but unique service for booking offices. All in all, I first and foremost received a tremendous amount of pleasure from creating my project with professionals. It is very difficult to find team players in this world. I’m glad that I have them now, and I know who I can develop further with.


Tatiana Bryzgina

They did quality work for a fair price!

I hired Andromeda to help me build an online coding platform/e-learning website I had designed. They were very attentive to my needs and asked questions to make sure everything was implemented correctly. I liked how they kept me informed of the progress made with 2-week sprints, I had full visibility into everything they were doing. At the end of every sprint we did a demo and I saw significant progress made each time. They always listened to my feedback and made sure to fix any mistakes or errors, as well as provide suggestions for my project.

Overall, I would highly recommend Andromeda to help build your software application. They do quality work for a fair price and will work hard to make your vision a reality.

Algo Academy

Matthew Guest

We recommand Andromeda team

We recommand Danil’s team for their professionalism, their competencies and availability. They have been very cooperative during the communication. We had good communication and technical support. The work they did is excellent, they keep to give us support concerning questions about the website. We have established a clear and precise features list. Danil gave us quickly the figma pages. After approval, Danil delivered every part of work in time respecting closely the deadlines. We noticed that Danil’s team is very skilled in Shopify liquid language, html and css. They are also very familiar with shopfiy store settings. This has been very helpful and saved us a lot of time. We appreciate Danil Team’s availability. They reply fast and with precision. The workflow is smooth. The last but not the least, Danil’s Team gave us very good support service after the completion of payments and job end.

ZKC sports

Alexandre Zhao

I am a satisfied customer!

Andromeda is my current go-to developer for my highly sophisticated writing/reading platform. They’ve carried on from my previous developer, and have done an excellent job maintaining and adding exciting and often difficult features to the site. They’re timely, helpful and honest, and they are quick to fix errors. They’d exhibited an excellent knowledge and experience in website coding and programming, as well as payment gateways (Paypal and Stripe), SEO and email newsletter-coding.

The team is often cheerful and communication is quick and easy. I recommend Andromeda to anyone who wants to build a website (small or big), code email newsletters, set up payment gateways and program admins.

A special thank you to Danil and Artem from the Andromeda team, and of course thank you to every developer involved in making my website a beautiful, tiny piece of the internet. I am one happy customer


Manar Al Hosni


Pavel Karchevskiy

Andromeda team is implemented a website of my dream!

I express my sincere gratitude to the guys from Andromeda. I’ve always dreamed of a stylish and at the same time simple website for my beauty salon.


Ramilya Hamidullina

Thanks to the Andromeda team!

Our company «EcoTechnoGroup» has quite a specific type of activity — we produce equipment for the treatment of wastewater, highly toxic water. Danil deeply penetrated into our business, we decided together how to structure and communicate information about our product to the consumer. I was especially pleased that Danil flew in from another city so we could visually explain our technological processes and put together an algorithm for our subsequent work. I would also like to express my gratitude to Danil and his team for their openness and help in making difficult decisions!


Andrey Uvarov

Completely satisfied with the cooperation

Hello everyone reading!

Well, it’s my time to leave my review about working with Danil& Co.

I started working with them with some misgivings, because at the time we started working with them (February-March 2021) we were at a long distance, did not meet in person and did not sign any documents. We worked on trust. Now September 2021 and I can say that everything was perfectly done: website design, layout in five adaptations, contextual advertising setup (Yandex, Google), SEO, audience test in social networks, support and refinement of the site according to my wishes.

Completely satisfied with the cooperation, I recommend it to everyone!


Andrey Zverev

Carefully approached our tasks

As the director of Neuronet System LLC, I would like to express my gratitude to the Andromeda team. The guys were very attentive to all the tasks and did all the work on time. I would also like to mention the mobility of the staff. They quickly responded if something needed to be changed. We hope to continue our productive cooperation!


Нефть Эксперт

Our goal: to become a strategic partner for our clients, providing efficient and affordable IT solutions of the highest quality!

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